Managing tricky student behaviour

Teachers will often use ‘micro scripts' – short scripted interventions you write yourself – to manage tricky behaviour from students.

Behaviour management instructor Paul Dix, says there are five principles of scripted intervention that teachers can follow when navigating challenging classroom behaviour.

From avoiding judgement to giving students take up time, in today's video Dix reminds viewers to apply these simple scripted interventions with real care.

‘Remember what we're trying to do here is not to control the child but to encourage the child to make their own decisions,' he says.

‘If they're sticking their heels in and deciding that they're not going to follow instructions then you come back with another scripted intervention but you give them a little bit of time to make their own decisions.'


As the founder and lead instructor of Pivotal Education, an education training consultancy working with teachers and school leaders across the globe, Dix has five published titles on behaviour and assessment.

In what ways do you allow the children in your classroom to exercise personal discipline when making their own decisions?

Of the five scripted interventions discussed in the video, which do you believe you could employ in your classroom? How will you go about doing this and what will you be hoping to achieve?