Researching education: Five further readings on classroom management

Welcome to this month's edition of Researching education: Five further readings. In this series, we take a look at some further readings available on a particular topic, including open access research papers from various online databases, and Teacher archive content you might not have come across yet.

Classroom management can be a complex and pedagogically demanding practice. Effective classroom management can be bolstered by an informed understanding of student behaviour, and a reliable toolkit of tips and strategies. In this edition of Researching education: Five further readings, we’re sharing five readings on the topic of classroom management from leading researchers and institutions in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

  1. Classroom Management: Contemporary approaches and international comparisons. The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited (AITSL) has published a spotlight paper examining evidence-based strategies for managing student behaviour and supporting student wellbeing. The paper reviews approaches to classroom management in Australia and internationally to identify factors contributing to effective classrooms.
  2. Classroom management: Creating and maintaining positive learning environments. This literature review from the Centre of Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) looks at existing research on strategies for effective classroom management. Researchers list a number of preventative and responsive strategies that teachers can use to maintain a positive classroom environment.
  3. Effective Teacher Professional Learning on Classroom Behaviour Management: A Review of Literature. In this article from the Australian Journal of Teacher Education, researchers from Australia and New Zealand review literature pertaining to effective professional learning programs on classroom behaviour management for teachers. Based on the research findings, they identify two key factors which characterise effective professional development programs.
  4. Walking the Line between Order and Chaos: A Teacher-Researcher's Reflection on Teaching Mathematics with Challenging Tasks in Primary Classrooms. This article discusses the pedagogically demanding nature of incorporating more challenging tasks into mathematics instruction. The author adopts a ‘practitioner inquiry’ lens to identify key five key themes involved in this process for teachers, including classroom management.
  5. Improving Behaviour in Schools: Evidence Review. The Education Endowment Foundation’s report Improving Behaviour in Schools: Evidence Review synthesises international evidence on student behaviour, considering why students might misbehave, and what approaches staff can take at both classroom and school-wide levels.

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