Terms and Conditions

The Teacher Awards 2023 ("the Awards") are run by Teacher magazine. Teacher magazine is published by The Australian Council for Educational Research Ltd (ABN 19 004 398 145) (“ACER”). The Awards recognise outstanding approaches to teaching and school leadership in Australian schools.

Agreeing to these Terms and Conditions: persons (“Nominator”) checking the tick box on the entry page for the Awards, located at https://teachermagazine.com.au/teacherawards/enter, and submitting a nomination in respect of an individual for the Awards (“Nominee”), agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions(“Nomination”).

  1. Eligibility

    Anyone may nominate either themselves or someone else for an Award under the following conditions:

    1. both Nominators and Nominees must agree to these terms and conditions (Nominees may agree upon accepting their nomination); and
    2. Nominees must meet these eligibility requirements:
      1. all Awards categories are open to individual educators or teams of educators working in the K-12 school education community in Australia; and
      2. who, in the past 12 months, have demonstrated outstanding approaches to teaching and school leadership; and
    3. a Special Contribution Award is also open to school staff or teams in Australia not involved in teaching and learning.

  1. Key dates

    Entries are open from 9.00am (AEST) 9 June until 11.59pm (AEST) 16 July 2023. Entries submitted after the closing date will not be considered.

    Shortlist selection and final judging takes place between 17 July and 22 August 2023. Winners will be announced on 1 September 2023.

    1. Nominations


      1. are made by completing the submission process at https://teachermagazine.com.au/teacherawards/enter
      2. once submitted, cannot be edited;
      3. may be submitted for more than one category;
      4. must submit a separate application for each Nomination;
      5. will each be charged a fee of $100 (+GST) towards administration costs of the Awards. Except under the requirements of the Australian Consumer Law, those fees will not be refundable including where a Nominee does not accept the Nomination or the Nomination is not proceeded with, simply due to a change in personal circumstances
      6. which are incomplete entries, or non-compliant with eligibility requirements will not be considered.

    2. Nominators must:

      1. only nominate the same Nominee once in each category;
      2. ensure that Nominees meet the eligibility requirements;
      3. advise the Nominee that they have been nominated;
      4. seek the Nominee's agreement that, if the Nominee is selected for the shortlist (see Award Process below) or to receive an Award, the Nominee, will:
        • take all reasonable steps ensure availability to provide further information to the Selection Committee or the Award Panel;
        • actively partake in presentations, media interviews and other Award-related promotional activities;
        • consent to use of photographs and/or video images in ACER promotional material concerning the Awards; and
      5. participate in and assist with any limited integrity review; and ensure the Nominations are in English and only extend to a maximum of 1000 words in the submission form, plus 4xA4 pages of supporting documentation

    1. The Award process

      There are 2 stages to the Award process:

      1. a selection committee will consider all Nominations to create a shortlist;
      2. if your Nomination is shortlisted, it will be submitted to an Award Panel, comprising well known and respected education experts and classroom practitioners. Individual Panel members will review Nominations in their assigned category/categories and decide which Nominees will receive Awards.
    2. The Selection Committee and the Award Panel reserve the right to:

      1. move Nominations into alternate categories where appropriate;
      2. not to select finalists and/or allocate an award in a particular category where, in its opinion, there are no Nominations of sufficient merit, and in such cases Nominators and Nominees will be advised accordingly; and
      3. in the event that a Nominee that has won an Award but has not complied with these terms and conditions the Award Panel may decide that, the:
        • Nominee shall not be entitled to the relevant Award;
        • relevant Award may be provided to another Nominee; and/or
        • relevant Award may not be allocated

      The process will be fair and balanced, with any Panel member having any conflict of interest being precluded. The decision of the Selection Committee and the Award Panel is final and confidential. No correspondence will be entered into.

    1. Warranty and licence

      Nominators and Nominees warrant they own all material included in their Nomination (including any supporting evidence) and agree by virtue of these terms and conditions to provide an irrevocable, worldwide, transferable, non-exclusive, royalty free, fully paid up licence (including to sublicense) to ACER and the Award Panel to reproduce, publish, communicate, adapt and broadcast all information and documents constituting the Nomination for the purposes of the Award including its promotion.

    1. Prizes

      There will be no cash prizes or gift vouchers provided to persons receiving Awards.

    1. Integrity

      The Nominator and Nominee must not make any false or misleading statement in connection with the Award.

      In the event that a Nominator or Nominee is involved in conduct or activity (including of a personal or business nature) that is illegal, fraudulent or causes harm, or the Selection Committee or Award Panel is of the view there is the potential to cause harm or reputational damage to ACER or any entity or person associated with the Awards, they may decide in their sole discretion not to consider a Nomination or withdraw an award received by a Nominee.