Advice for undertaking school-based action research

Teachers, school leaders and researchers across the education community gathered in Melbourne this year for the 2016 Excellence in Professional Practice Conference.

The theme of this year's conference – 'Collaboration for school improvement' – explored the ways in which collaboration serves to improve professional practice in education.

The two-day conference, hosted by the Australian Council for Educational Research, included presentations by Hayley Dureau from Mount Waverley Secondary College in Victoria, Josephine Wise from Independent Schools Queensland, and Sheri Evans from The Institute for Professional Learning Western Australia.

In today's video, Teacher asks these three presenters to share advice for those looking to undertake action research in a school setting.

Stay tuned: In the next episode of the Action Research podcast series, we speak with Nikki Ulrich from Campbells Bay School about the Modern Maths project she's implemented at her New Zealand school.

Are you currently undertaking an action research project in your school? How are you measuring the impact? What data have you been collecting?

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced? How has this informed what you do moving forward?

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