‘This is a warm, genuine and often laugh out loud book that broaches important personal issues with wisdom and intelligent humour.’ South Australia educator Barbara Gillis shares her review of Prem Rawat’s book ‘Hear Yourself – How to find Peace in a Noisy World’.

Book review: ‘Hear Yourself – how to find peace in a noisy world.’

I was drawn to reading Prem Rawat’s book Hear Yourself – How to find Peace in a Noisy World as I had enjoyed reading his previous book Peace is Possible – Thoughts on Happiness, Success and Relationships for a Deeper Understanding of Life.

As an educator, I am passionate about including the topic of peace in educational processes and feel it imperative to encourage student reflections and class discussions on peace. So, I am always interested in resources that can support this end.

In the book Hear Yourself Prem Rawat invites the reader to take a journey with him through mindfulness and heartfulness to peacefulness. The introduction provides a brief overview of Prem Rawat’s background and his enduring passion for sharing the ancient message of self-knowledge whilst relating the old wisdom to what is happening today.

Throughout the book’s 12 short chapters Prem Rawat draws on his extensive experience of travelling the world as a renowned teacher and author addressing audiences from different countries to share powerful insights on the human condition. He relates personal stories and cites direct quotations from philosophers, scientists, writers, poets and scribes to give voice to the important message of the need to ‘know oneself’; to quell the inner conflict and reach a deep experience of peace within.

Prem Rawat highlights the challenges that all human beings face; the wants and needs; rough times; choice; revenge, family matters and the importance of cultivating the best within oneself. He speaks of the impact that negative thinking has and sets out the crucial steps which need to be taken to reach a deeper, unchanging sense of self that exists beyond thoughts.

This is a warm, genuine and often laugh out loud book that broaches important personal issues with wisdom and intelligent humour; it teaches how to truly hear ourselves and the voice of peace within so we may move forward with confidence and focus as we face the noises of this world.

I highly recommend this book.

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