Making Maths fun: Revision activities for students

In her new video series on Making Maths fun, Mathematics teacher Holly Millican shares the top revision activities that she uses in her classroom at South Grafton High School in New South Wales.

‘I really try and get the kids up, out of their seats and doing as many different things, and as many fun things, as they can with revision to really make those key aspects of the topic stick with them,' she shares.

Over the six-minute video, Millican shares a self-made activity called Revision Jenga, a QR code-based activity called Plickers, and a murder mystery activity called Whodunnit. All the revision activities she mentions can be used for a range of revision topics and students of different year levels and abilities.

Earlier this year, Millican was one of five educators who won the Learning Edge competition, a state-wide search to find NSW's most creative digital educators, launched by The NSW Department of Education and Teachers Mutual Bank.

She says it's important that Mathematics teachers move away from teaching from a textbook, and look to more innovative ways to review content and engage students in the classroom.

‘…While some kids yes will undoubtedly enjoy doing the chapter review and will be able to do it and remember the questions – it's not for everyone. So if we can expand this revision and really try and make it more accessible to more students, then I feel like that's a good thing,' she says.


Having watched Holly Millican’s demonstration of Mathematics revision activities, is this something you could trial in your own lessons?

What are your favourite Mathematics revision lessons? What have you found your students to enjoy most? Share your activities by leaving a comment below.