Reader survey – how are you using Teacher content?

In our annual Teacher survey, we asked readers to not only share their feedback and suggestions for future stories, but also how they're using our articles, videos, podcasts and infographics in their role as an educator.

It's reassuring to hear that you're using Teacher content to inform your teaching practice and to initiate change at an individual and whole school level. From using articles to fuel discussions in staff meetings to sharing content with networks via social media, hundreds of you got in touch to share your stories. Here's a selection.

‘I have used some of the articles to help me reflect on and refine my teaching practices. I have also used some at our school PLC's [professional learning communities] for discussion points,' one primary school educator explains.

‘My Principal has been sharing [Teacher] with our whole staff and I have found much of the content to be helpful in dealing with the individual problems of my students and with dealing with my own feelings of “not being enough”. The strategies are positive, practical and provide real help,' a secondary teacher shares.

You might relate to this educator who said, ‘I enjoy the articles and when they come up on Facebook I send them to a page I have set up to pass things onto other secondary teachers. I also run off some articles to bring to faculty meetings!'

Or this school leader, who is using Teacher content as a stimulus for staff meetings. ‘I share either excerpts or whole articles with my staff regularly, particularly those on curriculum and STEM and behaviour management. We then discuss these at our weekly collaborative staff meetings.'

Many of you said Teacher helps you on a really practical level, ‘[I take the articles] to professional discussions with a focus on reflective practice, to feed into professional learning communities, influence strategic planning agendas and to focus on the bigger picture through strategic steps towards improvement.'

Some of you have used Teacher to upskill your staff, ‘I have asked my team to read articles and share in meetings, such as one on formative assessment.'

For others, it's simply a part of your reflection and learning process. ‘Teacher has reignited my longing to read and learn more about how children can flourish.'

‘I think there are so many relevant articles each week. Often it might be a simple way of looking at things, changes in thinking and reminders of what good practice is. The content helps me reflect on my current practice and think about how I could improve. Sharing with my colleagues is easy and using the evidence presented creates clear discussions.'

It's also assisting several educators with their postgraduate studies, ‘I am currently doing a thesis for postgraduate studies and use Teacher regularly to inform myself of what is new, what practices are currently being implemented, how they are working and what references have been used.'

Thank you to all who got involved for taking the time to share your insights and for your kind words about the publication. It's great to know that you're enjoying the content and, more importantly, finding it useful.

Thanks also to the many pre-service teachers who wrote to tell us how they're using the articles to support their practice on teaching placements and as a source of information for university assessments, and academics who are recommending Teacher content to their pre-service students.

This year's prize winner

This year, all those involved in the reader survey went into a draw to win a Teacher Wellbeing Pack containing a Fitbit Surge and Apple iPod Shuffle. Congratulations to Barbara Mueller-Fitzgerald, from Queensland, who was the winner of our prize draw.

Which topics would you like to see more on?

Since the survey ended in August, we've already followed up on some of your suggestions (click on the links to view recent related content) and we'll keep returning to them in the coming months.

We know how much you love the behaviour management tips by Paul Dix. In fact, behaviour management was the most popular issue cited in the survey, so we've decided to start a regular podcast that explores the various principles and techniques of behaviour management.

Teacher wellbeing continues to be a topic that our readers want more support on. We're listening and will continue to bring you additional content on both teacher and student wellbeing over the coming months.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is such a popular area in education and August was STEM month at Teacher, where we brought you several articles that were focused on these subject areas.

The survey also identified some other key areas you would like more of, including accreditation support, relief teaching and early years education.

You also shared some thoughts on how you'd like to access Teacher articles. Several readers requested more Q&As, here is a recent one on school improvement and it's a format we'll be returning to regularly.

Many of you also highlighted the fact that you'd like to be able to print the articles to share them easily with your colleagues. We're delighted to let you know that we're working on a website redesign which will include printer-friendly options.

Finally, we know Teacher readers want more information about learning spaces design and the impact on student outcomes, so stay tuned for Learning Spaces month in November. We have plenty in store for you.

Share your suggestions

We'll be running the survey again next year, but you don't have to wait until then to have your say - you can email the editorial team ( at any time with suggestions and feedback.

How have you used Teacher content to change your own practice?

What do you like most about Teacher and which topics would you like to see covered in the future?