Student wellbeing - Positive Education

'My role as a principal is making certain that we're looking at the whole student.'

South Australia's Mount Barker High School began its Positive Education program in 2012 to support students' social and emotional wellbeing.

'We want to make certain that our students that leave school are academically achieving at their highest level of ability, but also their mental health is actually taken care of and they've got the skills and strategies to live a wonderful flourishing life,' Principal Warren Symonds says.

In this Australian Learning Lecture case study video, the school leader explains how Mount Barker is embedding Positive Education approaches into its curriculum and how student wellbeing surveys are used to develop tailored support.

To find out more about Mount Barker High School's approach and for links to resources and further reading, visit the ALL case study web page.

As a school, how are you assessing the social and emotional needs of students?

As a leader, teacher or whole school staff, how are you supporting student wellbeing?

Are wellbeing programs embedded into your school curriculum?