Video: Andreas Schleicher on how education systems responded to COVID-19

Last term, Teacher caught up with Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills at the OECD, to talk about how schools have coped with the challenges of 2020. In this video snippet, he shares how different countries ensured teaching and learning continued during COVID-19.

Technology use in China during periods of lockdown was impressive, he says in the video, while those in Bogota proved themselves to be flexible and creative by engaging students through television and mobile phones.

‘… in this moment of crisis, as a school leader, for example, you don’t ask yourself whether people follow your instructions, you ask yourself “how well can my own people collaborate?” And that’s really what this crisis has shown – where schools had a high degree of professional autonomy and were working in a collaborative culture, they managed really well,’ Schleicher shares.


Andreas Schleicher expands on these ideas and more in a recent podcast episode, Global Education Episode 20.

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