Video: Linear relationships activities to engage your students

In her latest video for Teacher, Holly Wedd (née Millican) shares 3 activities she uses in her classroom to support her lessons on linear relationships.

‘This set of activities will really focus on building that fluency and building that understanding which is something that I’ve found that my students have really struggled with in the past,’ she shares in the video.

Wedd outlines how she has used 3 activities in her classroom – Match My Line, Two Truths & A Lie and Linear Functions Graphic Organiser.

The first activity, Match My Line, is a useful activity for assessing where students are at with their skills on this topic, Wedd shares, and involves students working through questions online which she prefers to run through Google Classroom.

The second activity, Two Truths & A Lie is a play on the well-known game. ‘My students have absolutely loved playing this game. It’s a really great investigation task and they get really into trying to figure out, well, which one is the lie?’

The final activity, Find A Friend, is one Wedd enjoys using to finish off a lesson. ‘The students are given half of the worksheet and they need to figure out which other student in the room has the other half, and then work together collaboratively to solve the question involved,’ she explains.

Find out more in the video below, and click the links to access worksheets for the activities mentioned by Holly:


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