Video: Mathematics activities for Pythagoras’ theorem

In her latest video for Teacher, Mathematics teacher Holly Millican shares the resources for two activities she has implemented in her classroom to engage students when learning about Pythagoras’ theorem.

The first activity is called Peer Pythagoras, which Holly likes to run outside to get students up and moving. It involves students investigating a range of I am… statements relating to Pythagoras’ theorem, for example, I am a Pythagorean triad.

‘I really like this activity because it’s so easily adaptable to different levels of classes, different materials and even different topics.’ Holly shares in the video.

The second activity is called Have I got a hypotenuse for you? It’s a revision activity designed to be run like a game show with students. ‘I absolutely love the way this resource is set up in PowerPoint because it makes it such an easy grab-and-go resource,’ Holly says. ‘If you’ve got less than five minutes, it’s an awesome resource to chuck up on the board as is, and have an awesome and engaging lesson from it.’

Click the links below to access the materials for these two activities:

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