Video: Maths activities for directed number

Returning in 2022 for her regular series for Teacher magazine, Mathematics teacher Holly Millican shares three learning activities she uses in her classroom to engage students when learning about directed number.

‘I have used these activities with my Year 7 class, and I have tried to incorporate a lot of hands-on sort of activities, because they are moving from that primary school style of learning mathematics into that high school style of learning maths,’ Millican shares in the video. ‘So, with all of these activities I’ve tried to really focus on utilising those hands-on resources to really engage the students in the learning process.

‘These activities can, of course be altered to increase the difficulty or decrease the difficulty as it suits your class and can be used with a range of alternate resources, and can be adapted to fit your school context.’

Millican shares three activities: Number Bean Bag Toss, Roll It Out, and Jeopardy. You can access the worksheets she’s created for the Number Bean Bag Toss and Roll It Out activities here:

Watch her video to hear how she uses these activities in her classroom to engage and extend her students.

Watch video:

In this video, Holly Millican shares how she uses an activity at the end of a unit to iron out any misconceptions students might have. Think about a unit of work you will be teaching soon. How will you be checking for misconceptions as you teach and at the end of the unit?

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