Video: Supporting students with additional needs – using a modified program worksheet

In her second video for Teacher, Additional Needs Coordinator Sue Pickett shares a modified program worksheet called ‘How we will work with…’ created by herself and her team at Eltham High School in Victoria to support teachers in assisting students with additional needs.

‘Keeping in mind that some of these kids that need their work modified could have an intellectual disability, and do fall outside of the standard curriculum, sometimes quite significantly. So, with the team we can find resources that might be appropriate to support our students’ understanding of the knowledge and skills that they need to be able to demonstrate,’ she shares in the video.

‘[The worksheet] is just to support the teacher’s work, and the communication between the teacher and the aide, and understanding the student and what they need to have their work modified. It’s also to recognise that teachers have a heavy load, and we want them to see that we can support their work by finding them additional resources that help get the message across.’

Pickett runs through how you can use the ‘How we will work with…’ tool to help reduce workload and overwhelm for teachers, while helping students with modified learning programs to feel supported.

If this is a resource you’d like to use with your own students, you can find out more in the video and access the accompanying resource by clicking the links below:


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