Video: Three Spheres of Library Skills – Part 2

In their second video in a 3-part series for Teacher, Teacher Librarian Mali Jorm shares the details of the second area in a targeted program, The Three Spheres of Library Skills, which scaffolds students to achieve success in 3 core areas of library skills: Readers, Researchers and Thinkers.

The program is in embedded at Mali’s school, Melba Copland Secondary School in Canberra. In their first video, Mali introduced the program and explained the first sphere – Readers.

This second video focuses on the Researchers sphere. ‘While all the spheres are interconnected, the Researchers sphere directly connects to producing high-quality assignments for school as well as successful self-directed learning.’

‘Researchers recognise the evolving nature of human knowledge. Researchers know how to research successfully. Researchers value academic scholarship,’ Mali shares.

‘Learning how to reference successfully enables students to identify quality sources by analysing their reference list and to understand the importance of proving that their own writing uses the best resources available. It demonstrates the accountability of being a successful researcher, and the importance of up-to-date, reputable sources.’

Watch the full video below to learn Mali’s strategies for fostering a learning environment where researchers flourish, and some learning activity ideas for keeping students engaged with learning about referencing.


Stay tuned: In their next video, Mali explores the third sphere of the program, Thinkers.

As a teacher, reflect on your own referencing skills. How familiar are you with accessing up-to-date and reputable sources?

Mali recommends students participate in games, quizzes and scavenger hunts to practise their referencing skills. Is there an opportunity for you to embed one of these activities in an upcoming unit of work?

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