Video: Three Spheres of Library Skills – Part 3

In their final video in a 3-part series for Teacher, Teacher Librarian Mali Jorm shares the details of the third area in a targeted program, The Three Spheres of Library Skills, which scaffolds students to achieve success in 3 core areas of library skills: Readers, Researchers and Thinkers.

The program is in embedded at Mali’s school, Melba Copland Secondary School in Canberra. In their first video, Mali introduced the program and explained the first sphere – Readers. In their second video, Mali explores the second sphere – Researchers.

This third video focuses on the Thinkers sphere.

‘The Thinkers sphere is a higher order sphere that builds on the skills gained from the Readers and Researchers spheres,’ says Mali. ‘Thinkers critically evaluate sources using lateral reading skills. Thinkers synthesise information to communicate effectively with others. Thinkers engage with online and offline global citizenship.’

‘Scaffolding students to become effective thinkers requires us to prioritise explicitly teaching critical literacy skills, while supporting students to understand the ways that our thinking patterns can be manipulated … Helping our students become practiced thinkers who have skills in lateral reading and critical literacy supports them to become successful online and offline information users and global citizens.’

Watch the full video below to learn more about why it is important to support students in developing their thinking skills to engage more deeply and critically with their reading and researching, and the different practical activities teachers and librarians can use to promote this learning.


As a teacher, consider how targeted misinformation might impact students’ learning on a given topic. Do they know how to spot cognitive biases? Are they aware of the available tools to identify misinformation?

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