Ways of thinking – embedding the digital technologies curriculum

‘Teachers do need to become very familiar with the content, and also to understand that for this curriculum, Digi Tech, at least probably 50 per cent of the curriculum focuses on developing types of thinking skills which support problem solving and the use of digital systems,' – Paula Christophersen.

What challenges are teachers likely to face when implementing the new digital technologies curriculum?

At a recent workshop hosted by the Digital Education Research Network (DERN), Teacher caught up with Paula Christophersen, Digital Technologies Curriculum Manager at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). Here, she discusses what teachers need to know to develop programs that cover the curriculum, the types of thinking addressed in the curriculum and the resources that are needed to implement it successfully.

What activities do you use to help students develop abstract thinking and algorithmic thinking?

What opportunities are there for you to link these skills to existing curriculum content?