Assessment reform and innovation

Our article Targeting school improvement explores how one principal used a data wall to help staff target students' individual learning needs.

In a recent Teacher column, Professor Geoff Masters discussed the future of student assessment. This month we find out how educators can play a part in assessment reform.

'The momentum for change in assessment policy and practice is growing across Australia and in other parts of the world,' Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, Director of the ACER Institute, tells Teacher.

'Professor Geoff Masters, a leader in the field, called for "a shift in how assessment is conceptualised and undertaken in school education" in his 2013 publication, Reforming Educational Assessment: Imperatives, principles and challenges.

'Many school leaders are keen to showcase the approaches they have used to understand where learners are in their learning at any time, and how they use this information to identify starting points for action.'

Hartnell-Young says some of those practitioners will be presenting at ACER's Excellence in Professional Practice Conference (EPPC) in May.

The three day conference encourages educators from all school sectors to share successful approaches on the theme of Improving assessments of student learning.

'We are holding conversations around reform and innovation of student assessments, with face to face and online events and conferences. It's called a Rolling Summit because it's growing in energy as it moves across the country.

'ACER wants to hear from educators. Principals, curriculum leaders and teachers, please let us know what you're doing and thinking about assessment by filling in our online survey.'

Educators are invited to share the survey link - - with their networks.

'We aim to collect hundreds of examples of practice that supports student growth and success experiences,' Hartnell-Young says.

'We also want to hear how you've overcome any barriers to change. We'll share these at events and on our website throughout the year.'

Stay tuned: Over the next few months Teacher will be following Bialik College on its professional learning journey, as part of ACER's Rolling Summit on assessment reform.

To find out more about the Rolling Summit visit the Centre for Assessment Reform and Innovation website.