Dr Lyn Sharratt on the frequency of Learning Walks and Talks

Learning Walks and Talks are most effective when they occur daily. But, given schools are such busy places, how likely is it that this could actually happen?

This question was posed to Dr Lyn Sharratt during the podcast recording of Teacher Talks, in front of a live audience of teachers and school leaders in Melbourne.

Sharratt, a highly accomplished practitioner, researcher, author and presenter, was there to discuss the powerful leadership approach of Learning Walks and Talks.

She says they need to be integrated into what the school is already doing. ‘So I might, as a leader, be going into the school, into the classroom to do an errand and on the way to do that errand, I might stop to do a very purposeful, focused, five minute walk and talk,' she says.

‘So that's really the way I could do it every day. Another way is to actually put it in my daily planner, my schedule for the week and walk beside a colleague.'

Sharratt says there are many ways to do Learning Walks and Talks, but it's important that they're always very focused and they're kept to five or so minutes each time.


Do you use Learning Walks and Talks in your school? As a school leader, how practical is it to run these daily in each classroom? In your experience, what are the main challenges? How have you overcome these challenges?

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