From the Editor

It's a pleasure to be able to welcome readers to a new chapter in the life of Teacher magazine.

We know that, as school educators, you've got lots of demands on your time.

The aim of Teacher is to make things easier, by bringing you relevant, research-based and evidence-based content that you can act on. Content that you can apply to suit your own students' needs and your own school’s setting. Content that will improve your skills and practices and, ultimately, lead to improved student outcomes.

So, the strapline we've chosen for the publication is Evidence + Insight + Action.

Some of you will remember that Teacher, published by the Australian Council for Educational Research, existed as an award-winning monthly print magazine until 2011.

Our online-only platform means that you can now access and share articles from your laptop, smartphone or tablet device. Exciting new content formats include podcasts, videos, infographics and photo features.

The editorial team will be scouring the education sector to highlight relevant research and share evidence-based approaches happening in schools across Australia, and further afield. We'll be drilling down from the big picture to the small, practical, steps that all school staff - whatever their role - can take to improve student outcomes.

Research shows that high quality teaching and leadership teams learn from each other - and that's why your input is so important. There are lots of ways that you can join the Teacher community and play an ongoing role in the publication.

We're keen to hear your feedback on individual articles and the topic areas we're covering, and your suggestions for future content.

You can also join the discussion by posting comments below individual articles and through our social media channels.

Last, and by no means least, we want to share success stories from schools. We welcome contributions from educators, education researchers, policymakers, peak education bodies and professional associations. So, feel free to get in touch with the editorial team and spread the word to colleagues.

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