Revisiting ratios with Holly Wedd

The most popular video on Teacher’s YouTube channel is Ratio activities to engage mathematics students by Head Teacher Holly Wedd. In this video, Holly revisits ratios 3 years on to share 3 new lesson activities on the topic.

The 3 new activities are: Desmos Paint, Ratio Pennant and Ratio Rumble. ‘[They] are all low prep, easy to implement, work across a range of abilities and have worked really well to engage my students in this topic,’ she shares in the video.

The first activity, Desmos Paint, is an online game which provides teachers with an activity summary, pacing for students and targeted questions to ask.

‘This activity sparked a huge discussion in my classroom about where else in the real-world ratios can be found and why it's so important to have a genuine understanding of them – not just for painting, but for recipes and for so many other things in real life,’ Holly says.

The second activity, Ratio Pennant, allows students to share their knowledge and understanding of different ratio questions in a visual way, by creating pennants to display in the classroom. ‘I was a little uncertain when I first started implementing it, thinking that maybe the transition from primary school to high school would mean that my students weren't as into having their work displayed up on the walls of the classroom. But I was pleasantly surprised. They love having their work displayed up on the walls,’ Holly shares in the video, adding that she now uses this activity in place of exit tickets or fast finishers at the end of a lesson.

The final activity, Ratio Rumble, is an online game that is a ‘fan favourite’ in Holly’s class. ‘The idea is to use their understanding of equivalent ratios to connect as many of the appropriate potions as possible on their turn,’ Holly explains.

Find out more in the video below, and click the links to access the activities mentioned by Holly:

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