Using Teacher to support your professional practice

Our annual reader survey has just concluded for another year, and we're already acting on your feedback and suggestions.

In the survey, we asked you what topics you'd like us to cover in the future and as the responses came through, we got to work on creating content that you would like to see straight away. For instance, many of you responded saying you'd like to see us cover student mental health and student anxiety.

This saw us speak to clinical psychologist Dr Rowena Conroy in a recent podcast episode to discuss an educator's role in identifying and managing student anxiety. We spoke about the three different components of anxiety: physical reactions, thinking patterns and behaviours, and how these might present in students in the classroom. Dr Conroy offered plenty of practical tips on supporting a student experiencing anxiety.

You also mentioned you'd like more content on early years. We recently added a new page to our site which contains all of our early years content.

Other topics of interest to you included teaching students with additional learning needs, digital technology in the classroom, leadership, literacy, mathematics, Indigenous education and teacher wellbeing. Be sure to sign up to the free Teacher Bulletin at to have our content delivered straight to your inbox if you're interested in reading about any of those topics, which we'll look to work on in the coming year.

How you're using Teacher

We love to hear how you're using Teacher to support your professional practice. Here are just some responses we've received. Stay tuned as we catch up with some of our readers to hear more about how they're using our content to support their teaching.

I share and discuss some of the articles with my staff and highlight what the research has found and how this impacts upon teaching; we then discuss how we can use this information to improve the learning outcomes for our students. (Principal, WA)

When possible I share articles of interest to us as a staff during staff meetings and discussions – specifically the aspects of teaching which we are grappling with at that time. For example there was an article last year titled: effective use of teaching assistants. We have a number of new graduate teachers who had never had a TA [teaching assistant] in their class, so it was useful to use this article as a basis for a discussion on how to use them effectively to increase student learning. (Assistant Principal, WA)

There was also a story from an Assistant Principal in Victoria who saw our podcast on co-teaching, and made contact with the interviewee to find out more and share resources, and a Victorian teacher mentioned she listens to our podcasts and that they helped prepare her for job interviews.

This year's prize winner

This year's winner of the survey prize draw – a $500 voucher to Readings – is Ewa Tripptree from Victoria.

What topics would you like to see covered by Teacher in the future?

How do you use Teacher content to support your professional practice?