Video: Creating an inclusive and gender-neutral STEM learning space

Research shows that across the world, women are under-represented in student enrolment in STEM. A report from Education Services Australia has outlined a range of strategies for creating an inclusive STEM learning environment.

In this video, we outline some of the recommendations on creating a gender-neutral learning environment. The report shares five key strategies which can provide teachers with a valuable starting point to consider implementing in their own school settings.

  1. Creating a gender-neutral setting
  2. Selecting gender-neutral STEM products
  3. Selecting diverse and representative media for students
  4. Self-assessing your environment and behaviours
  5. Addressing and challenging misconceptions with students

To find out more, watch our video below.



Vivian, R., Robertson, L., Richards, M. (2020). Classroom strategies for inclusive STEM learning environments. Education Services Australia.

As a STEM educator, reflect on the five strategies which can help create an inclusive and gender-neutral environment. What are you already doing well in this space? Have you measured how these implementations could be positively affecting female students in your classroom?

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