Video infographic: School practices related to equity and diversity

The latest cycle of the OECD's Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS 2018) asked educators around the world about teaching practices they use that are related to equity and diversity.

Both lower secondary teachers and principals were surveyed. The results show that 93 per cent of lower secondary principals say their schools teach students to be inclusive of different socio-economic backgrounds, 80 per cent have additional support available for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and 75 per cent have explicit policies in place against socio-economic discrimination.

The survey also looked at teachers' self-efficacy in teaching multicultural classes. It was found that 73 per cent of teachers feel they reduce ethnic stereotyping amongst students ‘quite a bit' or ‘a lot', and 69 per cent ensure that students with and without a migrant background work together ‘quite a bit' or ‘a lot'.

To explore more results from TALIS 2018, visit the OECD website.


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