Using Teacher to inform your practice

With our annual Teacher reader survey over for another year, we can now reflect on the feedback you've given and begin working to bring you more information on the topics you'd like more support on.

Besides asking for feedback and suggestions for future articles, the annual survey also encourages readers to share how they're using our articles videos, podcasts and infographics in their role as an educator.

Hundreds of you let us know how Teacher content has helped to inform your practice, motivate you to initiate change or reassure you that you're on track with evidence-informed programs you've implemented in your own school settings. Here's a selection of some of the feedback you offered.

Teacher content has helped assure me that the teaching strategies that I am currently using reflect current best practice. It also challenges my practice by helping to broaden my knowledge on a subject or to give me a new perspective …' an early years educator shares, while a secondary teacher adds it has ‘sent me seeking evidence to support [my] decisions'.

Discussing classroom management, this secondary educator tells us: 'I listened to the podcasts, practised the advice, [my] classroom management skills improved and I am feeling happier and more competent as a teacher. Thankyou.'

‘[Teacher has] provided me with different strategies to apply in the classroom and also given me insight into many different issues with possible ways of targeting them, that I would not have otherwise considered,' a primary school teacher says.

Many pre-service and beginning teachers shared how the publication has helped them in the early stages of their career. ‘As a beginning teacher I enjoy the articles aimed at early career teachers that highlight common issues – it is comforting to recognise that I am not alone in these and to receive practical advice to remedy situations. Interviews with industry leaders and experienced teachers are extremely helpful as it almost serves as a micro-mentoring experience that I can quickly and efficiently gain reliable advice from. This means that I can constantly shape my practice on my own schedule in a very low-pressure way,' one teacher comments.

‘Although I was in classrooms in many roles for 35 years, the last five I have been in a university setting. As a teacher of pre-service teachers, it keeps me up to date with a huge variety of topics that are current in classrooms ­– e.g. teacher well-being research, film literacy, instructional coaching or Indigenous education – among many!' another shares.

Many of you got in touch to let us know that Teacher helps you on a practical level, and in a leadership capacity. ‘The articles … are easy to read and real to our profession. It has enabled me to change practice and try new things,' one reader says.

‘My role is predominantly to do with data and how to plan for effective teaching. I feel the articles on data and informed teaching have been truly beneficial,' this school leader shares, while another adds they've used the content to assist staff ‘from pre-service, probation through to experienced senior teachers and middle management …'.

What topics would you like to see covered?

The annual survey always asks readers to comment on the topics they'd like to see covered in Teacher over the next 12 months. There were lots of suggestions put forward this year, here's a selection.

Music education; inclusive education; parental engagement in secondary school; careers and VET education; individual learning needs; leadership and leading change; bringing creativity to classrooms as a pedagogy; rubrics or marking criteria; using data; classroom management; study skills for students; mental health issues; trauma informed practice; and much more.

This year's prize winner

This year, all those involved in the reader survey went into a draw to win a $500 Dymocks gift card. Congratulations to Tammie Drady from New South Wales who was the winner of our prize draw.

Share your suggestions

We'll be running the survey again next year, but you don't have to wait until then to have your say – you can email the editorial team ( at any time with suggestions and feedback.

How have you used Teacher content to improve your own practice or support others?

What do you like most about Teacher and which topics would you like to see covered in the future?