Video: Engaging maths activities for learning area and surface area

In her latest video for Teacher, Mathematics teacher Holly Millican shares two activities she uses in her classroom to help students understand, and build connections between, 2D shapes and 3D shapes.

‘I wanted to focus on this topic because I find that some students really struggle with that conceptual understanding of moving between area and a 2D shape, to those 3D surface area-type questions, where not all the surfaces can be seen …,’ she shares in the video.

Holly shares activities and links to associated resources for: ‘pull up nets’ and ‘digital whodunnit’.

In the first activity, students build a 3D shape from its 2D net form. ‘This activity is really great for having students really visualise those unseen parts of their 3D shapes and really get that conceptual understanding happening of moving from that 2D to that 3D shape,’ Holly says.

The digital whodunnit activity follows the idea of the boardgame Cluedo, inviting students to answer a series of questions in order to solve a murder mystery.

‘It’s a great activity, really easy set-up, with very minimal prep needed. So a really easy one to pop in for those students that are just finishing those last couple of minutes of the class,’ she says.

Click the links below to access the resources for both of these activities:


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