Welcome to the new-look Teacher website

From today, you'll notice we've made a few changes to the Teacher website.

We've introduced extra features and updated our layout, making it easier to find, read, watch and listen to the latest content, whatever device you're using.

Category pages and drop down menus make it easier to navigate to different formats – whether it's short articles or long reads, infographics or reader submissions, videos or podcasts – and keep up to date with the latest from our columnists via the new landing and archive pages. We've retained our tagging system for those who want to drill down further to areas such as school leadership, student welfare and behaviour management.

The revamped home page now includes a dedicated section for research news and a showcase spot featuring themed topics – we kick things off with STEM education. For those who like to access their professional learning on the go, we've also included links to our most popular podcast episodes – all free to listen to and download via SoundCloud and iTunes.

Regular readers will know that learning from each other and being part of a network of educators keen to reflect on and share their own challenges and successes is an important part of what we do here at Teacher. We've added new social media buttons, making it easier to share our content with friends and colleagues. Or, if you prefer to go old-school, there's now a print function so you can leave a copy in the staffroom!

You'll also see changes to the comments section and related reading at the foot of each content page. We're continuing to work on additional features over the coming months, so stay tuned.

Our annual survey opens at the end of this month, when we’ll be asking readers to share feedback and suggestions and, importantly, how you’re using Teacher content to inform your teaching practice. Of course, you don’t have to wait until then, you can get in touch at any time by posting a comment or contacting the team via teacher@acer.edu.au.