Teacher reader survey 2023: AI, wellbeing and teacher shortages

The annual Teacher magazine reader survey has concluded for another year! Thank you to all our readers who took the time to complete our survey to share the topics you’d like more information on, your inspiring stories and your advice to fellow educators.

This is the ninth year we have invited you to participate in our annual reader survey. The information you provide to us is key to informing the content we cover in the future. We’ve already gotten to work on reading through your responses from the survey and we’re thrilled to hear you’ve been enjoying the wide variety of content we aim to bring you across our articles, podcasts, videos and infographics.

Specifically, many of you let us know you’re extremely time poor at the moment, so are currently enjoying our short articles and infographics. So, it’s no surprise to see some of you mention that you’ve been enjoying our series, Researching Education: Five further readings, where we share a quick summary of 5 resources on a particular topic. Recent topics in this series include learning progressions, supporting reading and citizenship and political voice.

As for subjects you’d like us to cover more in the future, there were plenty, and as always, your ideas covered a broad range of topics.

A big theme this year was AI. Some of you are wanting to know more about the positive potential of AI assisting with your workload, and others would like to understand more about the ethical use of AI.

Like last year, you let us know you’d like to continue to see more content on teacher and student wellbeing. We know it’s an important topic for all school staff out there, so you can browse our archives on student, teacher and staff welfare by clicking on the links.

You also let us know you’d like more content on teacher shortages. Recently, we’ve published an insightful episode in our School Assembly podcast series, where Melbourne principal Jo Camozzatto discussed her experience of recruitment in a time of teacher shortages. We also published an infographic sharing the percentage of school principals reporting teacher shortages in the last year.

Didn’t have the chance to complete our reader survey? You can leave your requests for content in the comments section below. We also always love to share practical examples of how educators are using evidence-informed approaches in their own context. If you’d like to share your story with us, you can email the team at teachereditorial@acer.org.

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our $500 VISA gift card prize is Elizabeth Arthur from Adelaide, South Australia.