Neil Barker

Neil Barker

Co-founder and director of LERNA Digital Learning

Neil Barker is the former director of the Bastow Institute of Educational
Leadership. He has more than 40 years’ experience in the education
sector, working in juvenile justice settings, specialist and primary
schools, at the Melbourne Zoo, as a school principal and in education
policy development.

Neil is currently the co-founder and director of LERNA Digital
Learning and is involved in several international education networks.
He is also a fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders.

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Teacher’s Bookshelf: Ecosystem Leadership
Teacher’s Bookshelf: Ecosystem Leadership

Ecosystem Leadership: an approach for schools, written by Neil Barker, provides practical, hands-on activities to assist school leaders in developing collective leadership skills and practices. In this exclusive extract from the book, Barker is discussing the importance of understanding your school’s unique context and creating a leadership approach that is aligned with the needs of that school community.