Using data – targeted maths teaching

‘I might have one student on algebra, one on place value and one on something else, because that's what they're ready for.'

Samantha Goodman, Teaching and Learning leading teacher at Bacchus Marsh College says a data-driven, targeted approach in Year 7 Mathematics classes is leading to improved student growth.

The school, in rural Victoria, is using a tool called Maths Pathway to monitor individual student progress and tailor coursework with the aim to maximise learning growth.

Justin Matthys, founder and director of Maths Pathway, says: ‘There's so much unnecessary angst and fear and anxiety that's created by having a one-size-fits-all model. What we care about in terms of the data coming out of those tests is not how much work the student has done, we don't care about that, it's about – how much new maths have they learned?'

Bacchus Marsh College started using the tool in 2015 in an effort to tackle low student growth and engagement in maths. Find out more in this Australian Learning Lecture case study video.


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Do you know where your students are in their learning and what the next steps are?

How are you using data to monitor student progress and inform your teaching?

How are you making students aware of their individual growth and next steps?