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Infographic: Teachers working in Australian school libraries

What is the percentage of Australian teachers working in school libraries? Are those teachers mainly female or male? Find out in this infographic.

Infographic: Gender of school staff
Infographic: Gender of school staff

Has the gender balance of teaching staff in Australian schools changed over the last decade? Find out in this video infographic.

Infographic: Time spent on homework

How much time do 15-year-olds spend per week on homework and other tasks set by teachers after school? An OECD report explored.

Infographic: Principals' experiences of offensive behaviour

A 2015 study looked at the percentage of Australian principals who have had negative experiences in the workplace. Here are some of the results.

Infographic: Teaching handwriting in schools
Infographic: Teaching handwriting in schools

The 2015 WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) survey asked global education experts – including teachers and academics – about the skills that should be taught in schools.

Infographic: The Teacher alphabet

What do you need information on? Homework? Behaviour? Mindset? The Teacher alphabet brings you quick links to popular content that you might find useful.

Infographic: Declining maths participation

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute has highlighted a slide in Year 12 high-level mathematics participation over the past 20 years.

Infographic: Popular sports amongst youngsters

Looking to set up a lunchtime or afterschool sports club this year? This infographic might offer some inspiration. Here are the three most popular sports Australian six-to 13-year-olds like to participate in.

Education quotes from 2015
Education quotes from 2015

To celebrate the end of another year, the Teacher team looks back on some of our favourite quotes from interviewees.

Infographic: ICT skills and student self-efficacy

How confident do Australian Year 10 students feel when doing ICT-related tasks? Today’s infographic explores.