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Students and career aspirations: Infographic

Researchers asked 3500 school students about their career goals. Find out what the most popular chosen occupations were in this Teacher infographic.

Trust in teachers: Infographic

Are teachers more trusted by the public to deliver a good education in China or Finland? Find out in Teacher’s latest infographic.

Educators and Twitter: Infographic

How and why are educators using Twitter? New research from the US provides some interesting insights.

Classroom displays – how much is too much?

What should be considered when creating a classroom display? This infographic provides some tips.

Out-of-school children – what's the global picture?

Has the number of out-of-school children and adolescents increased or declined since 1999? Find out in this infographic.

Civics and Citizenship – student voice

What do students think about the impact they can have on school decision making? Find out in our latest infographic.

Reading for fun

What do youngsters look for in books when they are reading for pleasure? Find out in this Teacher infographic.

Video games in the classroom

How are digital games being used in K-8 classrooms? Find out in this Teacher infographic.

Teaching out of field

Teachers are at times being allocated to subjects for which they have received no formal education or training. What is the extent of the problem in Australia? Find out in this Teacher infographic.

Leading a school

What are the top three factors that influence an educator’s decision to take on a leadership role? What aspects of the job provide the most satisfaction? Find out in this Teacher infographic.