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Infographic: Teaching hours

How does Australia compare with other countries when it comes to the number of teaching hours in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary? Find out in today's infographic.

Infographic: Formats of writing outside school

What do children and young people most commonly write outside school time? The National Literacy Trust UK recently explored.

Infographic: Universal primary education

The theme of World Teachers' Day 2015 is 'Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies'. What are some of the challenges when it comes to staff shortages? Find out in this infographic.

Teacher readers share advice: Part 2
Teacher readers share advice: Part 2

‘It's about student progress - ensuring each child is constantly improving.’ We asked Teacher readers one question – if you could share one piece of advice with a colleague, what would it be?

Infographic: Time online and attendance and wellbeing

Is there a link between time spent online and wellbeing and attendance? A recent OECD report explored.

Infographic: Educational philanthropy

Is there a disconnect when it comes to the areas that schools, non-profits and philanthropics are keen to focus on? Find out in this Teacher infographic.

Teacher readers share their advice
Teacher readers share their advice

‘Be innovative’, ‘Look after your mental health’. Our survey asked Teacher readers to share advice. Here are some of their tips.

Student access to software resources

Do students in Australia have ready access to software resources in comparison with other countries? A recent report offers some interesting insights.

Infographic: Student concerns prior to transition

What do students worry about before transitioning into secondary school? A new study, published in the Australian Journal of Education, provides some interesting insights.

Mentoring and support for new teachers

To what extent are new teachers supported once they are employed in a new school? OECD data provides some interesting insights.